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Asexuality in Epic Fantasy

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Asexuality in Epic Fantasy

In epic fantasy, the author has the opportunity to create a large and diverse cast of characters. It was more likely to be large and uniform when I was growing up, but I like to think the realms of imagination are expanding to include people of all identities. One orientation that I am dragon-flight excited … Read more

Dark Lord Quote Contest

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Dark Lord Quote Contest

“I can resist everything but temptation.” — Oscar Wilde I admit to have sinned, in an authorial sense. A story should avoid anything that draws a reader out of the narrative. Each word should immerse. Nothing should remind that this is but a book full of ink symbols, rather than a dazzling mind adventure. Fantasy … Read more

Prelude to Brood of Bones

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Prelude to Brood of Bones

The current beginning to Brood of Bones is in media res, which I prefer. That said, the original start to Hiresha’s tale is something of a short story unto itself and gives insight into a girl cursed with endless sleep. I cut the prelude in an early draft, when the novel was still titled GRAVID. … Read more

Giving Away Novel Previews: A Cautionary Tale

Once I was a young man drunk on hope and shinning with belief in human kindness. That was three long months ago, when I decided to promote my Kickstarter by giving away the first ten chapters of my novel on Amazon. The Kickstarter was a Herculean success, crushing its stretch goals like the delicate heads … Read more

Chapter 2 of Gravity’s Revenge

Chapter 2 The Skyway The girl let loose a hissing gasp. The fox squeaked. Hiresha felt her own insides shift forward and down as the magic reoriented her to the side of the cliff. To her, the moment of disorientation felt like coming home. More concerning to her was the cold. She felt it at … Read more

Chapter 3 Mind’s Gate Hiresha locked eyes with the woman dropping to her death. Her brows arched up a narrow forehead, pale lips puckered in a circle, eyes popping, the tip of her nose nipped red. She looked surprised but also questioning, as if begging Hiresha to know why, for what reason she had come … Read more

Chapter 4 of Gravity’s Revenge

Chapter 4 Academy Plateau “Chancellor?” Hiresha turned to regard the elder enchantress. With a long neck and a narrow face, the approaching woman resembled a worm wearing a wig. The chancellor’s lavish black braids were decked with gold beads, and kohl paint shaded her eyes after the fashion of the Oasis Empire’s capital. The chancellor’s … Read more

Chapter 5 of Gravity’s Revenge

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Chapter 5 of Gravity’s Revenge

Chapter 5 The Grindstone Hiresha opened the door of the lecture room to find Minna already close to tears. Another novice was taunting the girl. The heckler seemed too engrossed in her sport to notice the inrush of the enchantress’s gowns through the doorway. “…nomad men all wear veils. Are you a shiftless nomad? Are … Read more

Chapter 6 of Gravity’s Revenge

Chapter 6 Lark’s Hall Hiresha was walking down a wall when she thought she heard someone whisper her name. An itching sensation ran over her back to her chest, and she kneaded the fingers of one hand through her gloves, feeling the concealed jewels there that she had imbedded into her skin. A pool of … Read more

Chapter 7 of Gravity’s Revenge

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Chapter 7 The Crystal Ballroom Hiresha’s breath frosted a glittering blue. The night was too cold for snow, but the powder that had already fallen crackled under her feet. The Waterfly River will freeze tonight. Yet she did not feel the pain of the chill. A tingling numbness flowed up her arm where she touched … Read more