The Importance of the Impossible
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Chapter 6 of Gravity’s Revenge

Chapter 6 Lark’s Hall Hiresha was walking down a wall when she thought she heard someone whisper her name. An itching sensation ran over her back to her chest, and she kneaded the fingers of one hand through her gloves, feeling the concealed jewels there that she had imbedded into her skin. A pool of … Read more

Chapter 7 of Gravity’s Revenge

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Chapter 7 The Crystal Ballroom Hiresha’s breath frosted a glittering blue. The night was too cold for snow, but the powder that had already fallen crackled under her feet. The Waterfly River will freeze tonight. Yet she did not feel the pain of the chill. A tingling numbness flowed up her arm where she touched … Read more

Chapter 8 of Gravity’s Revenge

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Chapter 8 Dream Laboratory If only I could sleep for three days straight, Hiresha had often thought over the years, then I’ll free myself of this weight of fatigue. I’ll be cured, awake, and wide-eyed as the other girls. Once, she had tried it. After gaining her first enchantress gown she had received a windfall … Read more

Chapter 9 of Gravity’s Revenge

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Chapter 9 of Gravity’s Revenge

Chapter 9 Ceiling of Elders Enchantresses craned their necks to watch the elders ascend on six wallways, black and white paths leading between columns of blue marble. Each elder enchantress towed a train of gowns. The ceremonial dresses were woven into each other, Lightened so they swayed and shifted behind the elders like multicolored tails … Read more

Chapter 10 of Gravity’s Revenge

Chapter 10 Spire of Magical History Hiresha worried that Fos would soon be making his way along the Skyway for his night watch. I must warn the spellswords in the Blade and spare him that danger. With the rector in a state of shock, the dean stayed to supervise the evacuation of all the women … Read more

Chapter 11 of Gravity’s Revenge

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Chapter 11 of Gravity’s Revenge

Chapter 11 Threshold of Stone A gust lifted the stranger’s hair into a halo of black, crusted at the edges with frost. She raised one hand. Her fingertips and palm shone white. Her eyes pulsed once with the same moonlight glow. Hiresha could hear her calm words through the aural tunnel connecting to the outside … Read more

Chapter 12 of Gravity’s Revenge

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Chapter 12 Hall of Visitation Bright Palm Sheamab strode back and forth in front of the women, the staff hitting the carpet with dull smacks that reminded Hiresha of the sound it would make striking flesh. The enchantress clutched her own throbbing hand, worrying what the Bright Palm intended for the novices. The women and … Read more

Chapter 13 Enchantress Parlor When the Bright Palms found the glass door locked, Sheamab smote it with her staff. The stained-glass door vibrated, then cracked, and on the third blow the plates exploded in red and green shards. The Bright Palms crunched their way into the parlor. Two of them held Hiresha with hands that … Read more

Written the day after the Boston Bombing, 2013. The news out of Boston yesterday devastated me. As a runner myself, I could all too easily imagine jogging down the street, or perhaps cheering on a friend racing the final stretch. The explosion would have lurched me off my feet, left me chocking, ears ringing, hands … Read more

Top Ten Reasons We Love Fantasy

I’m as crazy happy as Willy Wonka to announce that Fantasy Book Critic asked me to write a guest post. I wantonly did so, analyzing the top ten reasons people choose for reading fantasy. Read the blog post here.