The Importance of the Impossible
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Beautiful Word Cloud of the Fantasy Genre

First, think of your favorite fantasy book or series. Now, pick a single word that describes what made you love that story. Have the word yet? If so, skip down to the comments and enter it. Do not let the words of others influence you. In Worldcon in Reno, I pounced on many an unsuspecting … Read more

These luminaries all were able to distill their love of fantasy down to one word. I created art based off their choices. What’s your word? Abnormal: Chelsea Haller Adventure: Cofax Beth Barany, L.G.Smith, Sarah Alive: Gwenthyr Alternative: Mandi Grant Anticipation: Heather R Applicability: Dean Awakening: Cat Belief: Russell Turney Boundless: Cheryl Anne Ham Bravery: Roger … Read more