The Importance of the Impossible
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Imagination in Motion

I happen to love both reading and dancing, two activities that no sane person would seek to combine. Since this site is dedicated to the Impossible, I decided to put my feet where my mouth was in a new, creative way. What if other people could see the joy we experience when reading a good … Read more

Creativity: the Origin of Madness

A fantasy writer must dredge up impossibilities to paint a mosaic of unbelievable wonder. Often, I have questioned if doing so required a whiff of madness. Not that I am the first to suspect a link between creativity and a fraying mind. “The lunatic, the lover and the poet Are of imagination all compact” – … Read more

Is the cure for writer’s block Prozac?

I’ve been reading Strong Imagination, Madness, Creativity, and Human Nature, by Daniel Nettle. He suggests that to begin the monumental undertaking of writing a novel, in the face of overwhelming odds of failure, authors need to have hypomania, a mentality of boiling confidence and breathtaking vision. Anathema to this outlook is a case of the … Read more