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Beautiful Word Cloud of the Fantasy Genre

Posted by A.E. Marling in Fantasy in One Word | Why Fantasy

First, think of your favorite fantasy book or series. Now, pick a single word that describes what made you love that story.

Have the word yet? If so, skip down to the comments and enter it. Do not let the words of others influence you.

In Worldcon in Reno, I pounced on many an unsuspecting person and asked, “What makes fantasy a great genre? And can you answer that in one word?” Most of these heroes found their word, from fantasy author luminaries, to Indie writers, to—–the most important–—readers.

Only one person refused to answer the question. With a jolly laugh and a twinkle in his eye, the merry ol’ Patrick Rothfuss explained that he could not pick one word, that fantasy enchanted people for different reasons, that each person took a different treasure from a novel’s pages. This is, in fact, why I like asking this question. The fantasy genre is like a jewel, and I am asking you to pick just one of its sparkling facets. Only by knowing each of the gem’s faces can we better understand the gemstone itself, appreciate its breadth, and understand the diversity of its connoisseurs.

Have your word now? I suggest going with the first that came to mind. Let me know and I’ll add your contribution to the hoard.

Tower of Power:

Secret Garden:


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The following are earlier concoctions of words. Drink them in with your eyes. With your eyes, I say!


City Lights of Fantasy:

Fantasy Pond:

Happy Fantasy Holidays 2011:

The Tree of Life:

Flag of Fantasy:

Fantasy Number Four:

Credits for which dreamer picked what verbal jewel. And if you’d like to hear wax poetic on the top ten choices seen in these images, read my article on Fantasy Book Critic.

What’s your word? Tell me through Twitter, Facebook, or the Contact Me tab above. Do it for Fantasy, and for Science! (Sorry. Had to lock down the comments due to evil, eight-legged bot spammers.)

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