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Richard Denning and Demon Fire

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I will be interviewing a series of fantasy authors with glittering minds, exposed on the Importance of the Impossible for your cerebral pleasure. The first cognitive delight is Richard Denning.

Richard Denning works as a Family Doctor in the West Midlands, UK. He has always been fascinated by historical settings as well as horror and fantasy. His is the author of so far 4 books of historical fiction and fantasy. Other than writing, his main interests are games of all types. He is the designer of a board game based on the Great Fire of London and the organiser of UK Games Expo, the UK’s largest hobby game convention. He is married with two children.

Welcome, Richard Denning. What single word do you feel best describes what makes the fantasy genre great?


Explain why you chose that word.

The fantasy genre frees the writer and the reader to explore all worlds. These might be any of thousands of fictional worlds whose history and nature is radically different from our own OR it might be our world with a twist, a past period with magic and sorcery added or perhaps a variant of our real history. There are no bounds to this genre save the imagination of the writer.

Tell me about a fantasy element in your story and how it adds excitement and dimension to the narrative.

When I researched The Last Seal I was looking at the events of the Great Fire of London of 1666. I found out that this was a period when folk believed in magic and witchcraft. It was a time when omens like eclipses and comets were seen as real signs of coming doom. Then too I read that that year – 1666 – was believed to be the end of the world. It did not take long to see that bringing in Magic and sorcery and a race of demons in as the enemy was actually not that far fetched and would mesh nicely with the real history.

Speaking of The Last Seal, allow me a moment to introduce Richard Denning’s historical fantasy:

In 17th century London – two rival secret societies are caught in a battle that threatens to destroy the city and beyond. When a truant schoolboy, Ben, finds a scroll revealing the location of magical seals that binds a powerful demon beneath the city, he is thrown into the centre of a dangerous plot that leads to the Great Fire of 1666.

Now, why do you think the fantasy genre resonates so well with the modern psyche despite, or perhaps because of, its featuring the impossible?

Real life at times is pretty grim. The economy is very bad around much of the world. Terrorism is ever a worry and there is much strife and conflict in the world. There just seems like a lot of bad news happening. I think sometimes people want to escape all that, to step over to another world very different to our own. To imagine for a while that magic is real. It’s a very human emotion and feeling and fantasy offers that.

Thank you for your time. What forms of social media do you use for readers to connect with you?

I am on Twitter: @RichardDenning
Author website:
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on Google + as Richard Denning (Writer Historical Fantasy)
LinkedIn as Richard Denning

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