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Jennie Ivins and Mark of the Essence

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Please join me in welcoming Jennie Ivins, a fantasy writer and an Assistant-Editor/Reviewer for, the definitive authority for all things that sparkle and or breathe fire.

Jennie Ivins is a stay-at-home mom of three boys (one set of twins and one singleton). By her own admission, she’s a pretty good photographer and a major computer addict. She married a geek and enjoys watching other geeks discuss their geeky ways.

What single word do you feel best describes what makes the fantasy genre great?


Now explain why you chose that word.

Magic is what separates fantasy from regular fiction. Whether everyone in the story can cast fireball or the heroes are in search of some ancient mystic artifact. Magic and the unreal are crucial to every fantasy story.

Speaking of fantasy stories, please tell us about your own fantasy adventure that you are currently perfecting:

All Genevieve wanted that night was to make a quick trip to the grocer’s and have a nice quiet dinner at home. She heads off to a new store, equipped with coupons and the expectation of acquiring cheap produce.

What she gets instead is a trip into another dimension.

In this bleak, futuristic world, each person’s fate is determined at birth and marked on their skin for all to see. But as strange as this new world seems, Genevieve feels oddly connected to it. And the more answers she unravels the more questions arise. When she finds herself caught in the center of the kingdom’s biggest mystery, the questions of ‘how did I get here’ and ‘how do I get home’ take a back seat to her own survival.

A power struggle between the King and a secret organization known as the Resistance draws her into a twenty-six year old mystery. The royal mystic known as the Essence Heart, has reappeared and whoever finds her first will gain control the entire kingdom. Although Genevieve’s birthmark does resemble the missing woman’s, she can’t imagine how a girl from the real world could have anything to do with this place of mystery and magic. But whether this is a case of mistaken identity or not, both groups seem intent on trying to capture her. Can she stay free long enough to find a way home? And when she finds it, will she really want to leave?

It’s not published yet, but you can read the first chapter:

Tell me about a fantasy element in your story and how it adds excitement and dimension to the narrative.

In my Return of Essence series, everyone is marked before birth by the mystical essence magic that permeates their world. This mark dictates your career in life and whether or not you can use magic. Only three types of marks can use magic: Tellers, Bloods, and Hearts. No one else even has the ability to attempt to learn how to wield it. This system has been in place for hundreds of years, but now appears to be unraveling. In a society where everything is dependent on the populace being shown what it should do, suddenly having choices can be a pretty scary thing. Some people will do anything to keep the status quo, which makes my main characters lives much more difficult as they are the harbingers of this change.

Why do you think the fantasy genre resonates so well with the modern psyche despite, or perhaps because of, its featuring the impossible?

Fantasy books are an escape from this world. You pick up a good fantasy novel so you can get away from the troubles of your life and see a bit of the fantastic instead. Sure the heroes in fantasy stories have to deal with problems much bigger and scarier than your own, but really, dragons are sometimes preferable to deadlines. And even in urban fantasy where the setting is the real world, isn’t it more fun to imagine that you could shoot lightning at your boss if you really wanted to? That’s what makes fantasy appealing, they give us a glimpse of what could be and let us in on a bit of the action.

Thank you for your time. How can readers connect with you?
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