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Art Show: February

Posted by A.E. Marling in Fantasy Art Show

Elvish ladies and dwarven gentlemen, I give you the February Art Show for fantasy novels by authors we love. Please revel in the design of these illustrations, and with but one fell click on an cover you can discover more about the novel. I also encourage you to vote for your favorite in the comments section, and a random participant will win the eBook of her or his choice from the gallery.

Without further ado:

Native American twins defend a thunderbird hatchling from the demigod of chaos while lost in Montana’s Absaroka wilderness.

Raised by dragons, shifter siblings explore their human heritage. Which destiny will they choose?

“A shy young jeweller makes a discovery that will change the world.

Didn’t your mother read you fairytales? It always ends like this. The hero always wins.

The dreams she had been having since childhood were a clue to a future on a parallel world.

Medical drama in a magical, non-human world. A deaf miner and his hearing assistant join plague relief efforts.

The journey for Tallic and the Forghonyi continues as they attempt to stop the SangreLin Empire and their revival of Repediala.

A jewel of thanks to all the participating authors. The work they went through to bring their story to this state was monumental, and they all of them deserve our appreciation. Please do take the time to vote for your favorite in the comments section. If you are a fantasy author and would like to feature your novel in next month’s gallery, please enter here.

And for my own nefarious purposes, I now display this image.
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6 Responses

  • Matt White says:

    Won’t vote for mine 🙂 Draykon looks awesome! That’s my vote!

  • Dan says:

    It was tough for me between Draykon and Remedy. In the end though, Remedy stood out just a little more and was just that ‘something different’ to be a nice breath of fresh air, if that makes any sense. But I really do like Draykon’s cover.

    But, like I said, my vote goes to Remedy.

  • Tony says:

    Leaves of Dusk all the way. Hunks are the best cover art!

  • Greg says:

    Some good competition – The Hero Always Wins and Draykon went down the stretch for me. Although The Hero Always Wins had some great in-cover symbolism, the overall polished look, the amazing color palette and the use of the outer edges of the picture to frame it and draw the viewer in – Draykon built an amazing mood and won by a nose.

    I vote for Draykon, with an honorable mention to The Hero Always Wins (I’d buy both based on the cover).

  • Aura says:

    My vote is for Remedy! I like the soft look to the artwork and the colours are lovely and eye-catching..

    I liked Draykon as well, it has excellent composition. I think the art on The Leaves of Dusk had potential but the white framing and text washed out the subtle cover art instead of complementing it.

  • Three cheers for Draykon. The book is every bit as good as the cover.