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Audiobook Adventure

Posted by A.E. Marling in My Writing

Good Times to Listen to An Audiobook:
On your commute
While folding laundry
Preparing meals
Eating meals
In the bathroom

Less-Good Times to be Listening:
Left turns
During conversations
Jogging across busy intersections
Sleeping (though my brother debates this point; his preferred lullaby is the Lord of the Rings)
While kissing

Now an aural delight
I’m leap-over-pyramids happy to announce that my dark fantasy Brood of Bones is now on Audible.

My Kickstarter rocketed through stretch goals, one of which invoked the production of this audiobook. A reader and supporter of the fundraiser helped me pick the best voice actress for the story, Henrietta Meire. She could capture Tethiel’s ominous deadpan and Hiresha’s sleepy observations. The direction notes for a dark lord in foppish clothing baffled the other actresses. Not so for Henrietta Meire, and I am additionally grateful for her patience in voicing over revisions. As you might imagine, the eerie tones of Bright Palms provided additional challenges.

Kickstarter supporters can download the audiobook from my project update page, but it’s something of a trial. Given the file size, downloading Brood of Bones is like juggling an elephant. I’ve come to appreciate the convenience of Audible’s interface. The book will also be distributed to iTunes and Podiobooks. I plan to create audio recordings of it for YouTube as well.

Leave a comment saying your preferred times to listen to an audiobook.

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6 Responses

  • Melissa says: is also carrying it. I finished Brood of Bones last week and enjoyed it so much that I had to get the audiobook, which I usually read while falling asleep. Having read Fox’s Bride and Gravity’s Revenge in quick succession, can’t wait to see if more of Hiresha’s misadventures find their way to audiobook form. Also thank you for pulling me out of a very long reading slump.

  • A.E. Marling says:

    Some scintillating news. You can find the audiobook as a podcast on Podiobooks:

    And on YouTube as well:

  • Barry Bounous says:

    Brood of Bones (on was exceptional. Well-written, and very well-read. Best thing I’ve heard on the site for quite a while. Congratulations!

  • Angela says:

    I stumbled upon your book as I was searching for free audiobook websites. I found podiobook and skimmed through a few books before getting to yours. Sir…you have made my ears happy with your words! I downloaded your book on amazon and plan to read it after hearing the audio so my eyes can be happy as well. I love Hiresha! 😀

  • banbha says:

    I really enjoyed the audible version of Brood of Bones. The writing and world building were fantastic, the reader was perfect. Will Fox’s Bride have an audio edition? *fingers crossed*

    • A.E. Marling says:

      I’m back-flip happy that you enjoyed the audiobook, and I passed on your compliments to the narrator, Henrietta Meire. I hope to work with her again to create more audibooks, though Fox’s Bride is not currently in production.

      Please do consider reviewing Brood of Bones on Audible as your voice is important. May your horizons be ever lit with fantasy.