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A Night to Remember

Posted by A.E. Marling in My Writing

Before I begin writing a story, I always ask my sagacious and superb readers for insight. In the past you’ve helped me choose which story premise is the strongest. You’ve even suggested various mythical foods I could include in my upcoming novel, Magic Banquet. Thank you! They turned out deliciously.

This time I’ll be stockpiling an armory of ideas for a premise that’s as crazy as it is fantastical. I chuckle every time I think of it. With your help, I hope to make it worthy of a cackling.

Dark Lord’s Wedding

Weddings are no less stressful when you’re a dark lord, hunted by pesky heroes, with rival villains intending to crash your party.

That’s the stand-in short pitch. It’s possible the wedding will create a truce and alliance between warring factions. The discord would come to a drunken boil during the ceremony. The world-rocking stakes typical to epic fantasy will be present amidst the vows.

The story can play with tropes both from fantasy as well as traditional marriage tales. At this point I’m brainstorming, and I could use your idea sparks. What trial of wedding preparation would you like given fantasy treatment? What magic would you like added to the recepetion? What outrageous wedding anecdotes should I reference? And what powerful moments of unexpected poignancy should I be sure to not miss?

I am also looking for suggestions for books and movies for inspiration. Better yet, tell me the elements that most interested you in those stories (and how you’d like me to monstrify them).

Thank you. May fantasy always light your horizons.

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2 Responses

  • Sarah says:

    I feel the idea of sending out wedding invitations can be a very difficult task. When you are a dark lord who exactly do you invite to your wedding and what poor creature gets to deliver the invites ( little imps)? Also maybe the wedding colors should be a color representing the uniting countries for example, Red (Dark Lord’s lands) and Gold ( Brides lands). The poignant point: the awesome dark lord has a moment or two of feeling that maybe the hero should be allowed to win because does a “villain” really deserve to have happiness?

    • A.E. Marling says:

      Love how “villain doesn’t deserve happiness” plays off traditional tropes of a man or woman doubting they deserve a good wedding or a good partner. Also, I’ll try to make the invitations epic. Kings would be invited.