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I’ll whisper through your earbuds

Posted by A.E. Marling in Author Interview

Update: I have now spoken on multiple podcasts about Magic cards. My voice is ghosting its way through the ether, and here’s where you can catch it.

Most recently on Commanderin, I spoke about Leovold in Legacy, Amonkhet flavor, and how I’m definitely not a lich.

I talked about bringing minor characters alive and how to give major characters depth on Flavor Fail, a story podcast for Magic cards.

On MTG Pro Tutor, I discuss the technical-play tips I can offer for the game as well as the importance of stoicism in Magic, and what that means. This podcast was broken into two parts.

Planeslwaker’s Guide: I rhapsodize about some strategy, a touch of cosplay, and my red-mage philosophy of fire.

Commanderin: I urge players of casual formats to focus foremost on fun. I talk as little as I can about a new secret project, some cosplay, and then we go off the deep end.

Last evening I recorded a podcast with Erin Campbell. She interviews members of the Magic-card community. I’ve enjoyed playing Magic cards for over twenty years, in part because of the powerful words on the cards: Stifle, Smother, Snuff-Out, Scald, Slaughter, and Scour, to name a bare few. The game even has Annihilate and Implode. What more could a word-hoarding writer want out of a game?

On the podcast I also discuss my early inspirations as a writer, the closely kept secret of my true name, my predilection for sea monsters, what drove me to write, and some of my story-crafting philosophy. Then I delve deep into the Commander format, specifically the strategy revolving around one of the legends soon being released: Titania, Protector of Argoth.
You can find the podcast here, or search iTunes for “Deck Tease.” As you might’ve guessed, mine is the “Dancing with Dryads” episode.

On the podcast I mention a few short stories I’ve written for Magic publications. You can find my tale of Tariel, the Reckoner of Souls in the Complete Commander. A planeswalker has to kill his own commander in “Life’s Finale.”

My tale of Liliana Vess is free on GatheringMagic. Liliana returns to the Abyss in “Paying Her Debts.”

I forgot to mention a few things on the podcast of grave importance. First, at the end of January I’ll be cosplaying Stitcher Geralf at Grand Prix San Jose. Christine Sprankle will cosplay as Gisa, my reckless sister who has no appreciation for the finer arts of grafting together zombie abominations.Geralf and Gisa

On the podcast we reveal a new legend from the upcoming Commander 2014. I didn’t have a chance to mention a few more flavorful inclusions to the deck. Play with Titania’s Song, not only for resonance but also because the Song is a great card by itself, shutting down all noncreature artifacts. Also, Argothian Elder is a reasonable enough card and will gain you flavor points. Trust me, I’m a Level 20 flavor judge.

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