The Importance of the Impossible
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Author’s Bio

A.E. Marling wrote his first fantasy novella after his freshman year in high school. In college, he found nothing gave him a greater urge to write than science lectures, and he sat through a lot of ’em. He has yet to repent his fascination with fantasy and is intrigued by its grip on the human imagination.

Both ambidextrous and word-voracious, his diet ranges from Arthurian legends to Jane Austen. He denies being a running addict, though he has to shout it over the noise of the treadmill. He dances as directed by demons. And, yes, he partakes in fantasy-related gaming. His best writing ideas pounce on him when he would rather be sleeping, thanks to insomnia.

He writes creative text for Wizards of the Coast, helping to bring the worlds Magic: the Gathering to life. Magic cards is a game he has played for over twenty years, and young-boy A.E. would’ve approved, if he could be bothered to look away from casting Lightning Bolt and Fireblast.

His current lair is in California, in the namesake city of element 116, Livermorium. His thoughts touch ground there between flights.

As an independent storyteller, A.E. Marling lacks a corporate advertising budget, but your recommendation is more powerful than any ad. Become a patron of fantasy storytelling by recommending his books to a friend and reviewing them online.