The Importance of the Impossible
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The Great Escape

Reading fantasy is a vacation on five dollars a day. For the price of a sandwich, words transport you on an all-expenses-paid adventure into dark cities, enchanted forests, jewel-glinting caves, and snow-covered mountain ruins. True, you could visit Paris, but in the urban fantasy version, the catacombs would include red mood lighting cast by the … Read more

Imagination Adaptation

A paradox is when truth does a back flip, and the contortionist fact at issue here is that fantasy stories are memorable and resonate with the human experience, despite containing impossibilities that we have never encountered and never will be on this earth. I asked this week’s panel of experts why that might be. “Limitless … Read more

“The Epic Side of Myth”

Asking Erin Hoffman “if fantasy was a form of modern myth” is like throwing a match in a wizard’s wagon of fireworks. She is the Gryphoness and the author of the Sword of Fire and Sea (Pyr), and I should have known her answer would be no less epic. So, fantasy and myth. They basically … Read more

Welcome to the Endless Never

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Welcome to the Endless Never

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” ~Albert Einstein Of what use are thoughts of the impossible? Do we gain as much from reading fantasy as an informative non-fiction? … Read more

Written the day after the Boston Bombing, 2013. The news out of Boston yesterday devastated me. As a runner myself, I could all too easily imagine jogging down the street, or perhaps cheering on a friend racing the final stretch. The explosion would have lurched me off my feet, left me chocking, ears ringing, hands … Read more

Top Ten Reasons We Love Fantasy

I’m as crazy happy as Willy Wonka to announce that Fantasy Book Critic asked me to write a guest post. I wantonly did so, analyzing the top ten reasons people choose for reading fantasy. Read the blog post here.

Art Show: February

Elvish ladies and dwarven gentlemen, I give you the February Art Show for fantasy novels by authors we love. Please revel in the design of these illustrations, and with but one fell click on an cover you can discover more about the novel. I also encourage you to vote for your favorite in the comments … Read more

Interview with Yours Truly

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Interview with Yours Truly

For today’s post, someone on Twitter dared to ask for an interview for a school project. My mother never told me not to accept interviews from strangers, so here we go: Firstly I would like to know what subjects did you choose at high school? In high school I was particularly interested in psychology, history, … Read more

These luminaries all were able to distill their love of fantasy down to one word. I created art based off their choices. What’s your word? Abnormal: Chelsea Haller Adventure: Cofax Beth Barany, L.G.Smith, Sarah Alive: Gwenthyr Alternative: Mandi Grant Anticipation: Heather R Applicability: Dean Awakening: Cat Belief: Russell Turney Boundless: Cheryl Anne Ham Bravery: Roger … Read more

Liebster Blog Awards

The hour you’ve all waited for is here, when I present the distinguished Liebster Awards to five blogs and six writers who have burned midnight oil extracted from kidnapped muses to bring you delightful and informative content. Alessandra Hinlo This writer was originally born in the Philippines, but now lives and works in the suburbs … Read more