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Author Interview: Robin Lythgoe

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Author Interview: Robin Lythgoe

The Importance of the Impossible is pleased to host Robin Lythgoe, friend of fantasy and a proud member of the Reading Vanguard for my novels. She also gave me the opportunity to read her epic fantasy, As the Crow Flies. I love a good tale of cloaks and purse-cutting daggers, and protagonist Crow delivers, or … Read more

Giveaway of Gratitude

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To thank supporters of my Kickstarter for Gravity’s Revenge, I’m hosting a giveaway. Rack up the points and a succulent $30 gift card to Amazon could be yours. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Extended Epilogue, Fox’s Bride

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Extended Epilogue, Fox’s Bride

The extended epilogue contains three secret scenes that I am happy to share as a Thank You to those who take the time to review Fox’s Bride online.  Simply delve the link below and use the password I hopefully have given you in a message. The bonus scenes take place the day after the defeat … Read more

Fantasy Art Show: January

Elvish ladies and dwarven gentlemen, I give you the January Art Show for fantasy novels by authors we love. Please revel in the design of these illustrations, and with but one fell click on an cover you can discover more about the novel. I also encourage you to vote for your favorite in the comments … Read more

Richard Denning and Demon Fire

I will be interviewing a series of fantasy authors with glittering minds, exposed on the Importance of the Impossible for your cerebral pleasure. The first cognitive delight is Richard Denning. Richard Denning works as a Family Doctor in the West Midlands, UK. He has always been fascinated by historical settings as well as horror and … Read more

Why all the Darkness? An Explanation for the rise of Grimdark

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Why all the Darkness? An Explanation for the rise of Grimdark

Fantasy author Marsha A. Moore has agreed to reprint her article on the trend toward darker fantasy, originally seen on The Speculative Salon. Moore is on a blog tour to celebrate the release of Staurolite, book four in her Enchanted Bookstore Legends series of epic-fantasy romance. Enchantress Hiresha would approve of the name of her … Read more

The Next Big Thing

By official decree of the fantastic writers Jeff Salyards, M. Todd Gallowglas, Jennifer Brozek, and Moses Siregar, I am The Next Big Thing. That thunderous boom you just heard was the explosion of my ego, and the following flash was the flaming whip of my editor’s mind reigning in said ego so it can be … Read more