The Importance of the Impossible
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Oscar Wilde on Fantasy

I have a feeling that if I reanimated Oscar Wilde amidst the crackle of lightning in my laboratory and asked him what he thought about the fantasy genre, he would say, “I can’t stand it. It’s entirely too believable.” But that was his way. In fact, the one novel he wrote, the Picture of Dorian … Read more

The most playful genre

To spot certified Senior Fantasy Experts, pay close attention to persons garbed in refinement. They wear top hats to capture and hold their lofty ideas. Their monocles of x-ray vision allow for quick identification of secret passages in haunted mansions. And their walking sticks are in fact wizard staves sized for strutting. I asked this … Read more

The Great Escape

Reading fantasy is a vacation on five dollars a day. For the price of a sandwich, words transport you on an all-expenses-paid adventure into dark cities, enchanted forests, jewel-glinting caves, and snow-covered mountain ruins. True, you could visit Paris, but in the urban fantasy version, the catacombs would include red mood lighting cast by the … Read more